Collare d’Oro in Rome

Are you seriously thinking that I'm still on vacation? The truth is that I am again on the road! 
Yesterday I spent a beautiful day in Rome: in the ...

17 December 2014 READ MORE

EURid Awards

Hi All, did you miss me?


My apology but I wanted to get some rest and enjoy a long holiday. Back in business. Today, I am off to Brussels where ...

19 November 2014 READ MORE

Landed in Sofia

Here we are, just arrived in Sofia (it's so cold !!!!) where we attended a wonderful evening gala. Groups for the matches have been decided and I am ready for ...

27 October 2014 READ MORE

From Russia with passion

I had another great satisfaction from this wonderful season !!!
In Moscow we were able to give our best and won our second tournament.  I'm so happy. Pity for not ...

24 October 2014 READ MORE


The season is almost winding down and after the wonderful news of the wild card for the Master B in Sofia, I am in Moscow since a few days to ...

15 October 2014 READ MORE

My trip in the Far East continues

As sometimes happens, there was a change in the plans. After Wuhan and Beijing, along with Martina, we decided to participate in another tournament. Now I am writing from Tianjin ...

7 October 2014 READ MORE