Countdown for Melbourne

Here I am, well-charged and about to start the Melbourne tournament. the first match is just around the corner. Unfortunately, I’ll play against a compatriot in the first round ...

19 January 2015 READ MORE

Change of plan!

Although I said I was going to play at Hobart, my team and I decided on a change of plan. On Tuesday I will begin the WTA season and play ...

12 January 2015 READ MORE

Back in business!

The holidays seem so far away, but I must admit I could not wait to start playing again and found the best way to do so in Australia.
The results ...

7 January 2015 READ MORE

Collare d’Oro in Rome

Are you seriously thinking that I'm still on vacation? The truth is that I am again on the road! 
Yesterday I spent a beautiful day in Rome: in the ...

17 December 2014 READ MORE

EURid Awards

Hi All, did you miss me?


My apology but I wanted to get some rest and enjoy a long holiday. Back in business. Today, I am off to Brussels where ...

19 November 2014 READ MORE

Landed in Sofia

Here we are, just arrived in Sofia (it's so cold !!!!) where we attended a wonderful evening gala. Groups for the matches have been decided and I am ready for ...

27 October 2014 READ MORE