Hi All

Hi All,

How are you? I am enjoying every single moment of my “retired tennis player” life, spending one day to greet my friends whom I had not seen for ...

28 April 2016 READ MORE

Hola Buenos Aires

Did you miss me? Did you think I had left for good?!

Now I am in South America, where I accompanied Fabio in the tournaments where he will play in ...

10 February 2016 READ MORE

Thank You!

It took me a couple of days to really get to terms with how I feel ... I have always thought that the day of my last match I would feel ...

3 November 2015 READ MORE

The season is drawing to a close

It was hard to get back to normality, to my life full of obligations, training and planning.

Your love was so much that you have helped to make this wonderful ...

12 October 2015 READ MORE

On the road to N.Y.

Hi my friends,
I apologise for having neglected you a bit, but I’m here now. 

How were your holidays? Did you enjoy them? I can imagine that you were ...

27 August 2015 READ MORE

Istanbul tournament

Hi my friends,

Unfortunately, as many of you have already noticed, I will not be at the tournament in Istanbul.

I have a little discomfort in the elbow and I ...

21 July 2015 READ MORE