Small mishaps

Hola friends! As you know, unfortunately I was forced to give up the Austrian tournament due to a nagging sesamoidite. Do not worry, the name seems uglier than what it ...

11 July 2014 READ MORE

That's why I love tennis ...

Yesterday I saw one of the most beautiful finals of recent times. It was the perfect end to the most beautiful and breathtaking tournament in the world.
When you see ...

8 July 2014 READ MORE

Change of plans on the run

Time to change court surface and country. After saying bye to one of the most beautiful courts to play tennis, I had announced that after Wimbledon I was going to ...

4 July 2014 READ MORE

No London yet!

Unfortunately, yesterday it did not go as I wished. I was not able to perform as I wanted and the young Watson managed to put me in trouble. But you ...

20 June 2014 READ MORE

No 11

My week could not start better. I woke up with a strong wish to work out and I read the official WTA ranking. What a great day! One year ago ...

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Little pandas

On the WWF magazine you can find an article on the campaign "little pandas" which Flsvia supported during the last Christmas season.

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